What to expect from a Captured by Catherine Boudoir Photoshoot

I always try to make to make all of my photo shoots fun and Boudoir Shoots are no exception!


Be warned there will be a lot of talking and laughing and music!


As your photographer, my aim is to produce a series of photographs that make you look and feel fun, cheeky, sexy and beautiful!

I will direct/pose you, set your hands, legs, arms and hair to ensure I can get the perfect shot of you.


To assist me in achieving this I have prepared some points below.


Before the Photo Shoot

Think about the outfits you want to wear and how you want to accessorise with necklaces, shoes, rings etc.  Bring all these along with you for the shoot.

Many women are worried about how their least loved parts of their body will look in the photos.  With some creative posing, camera angles/depth of field and/or props we can hide anything! 

If you are not so convinced, I would encourage you to select an outfit that shows off your best assets.


The Morning of the Shoot.

Wear loose fitting clothing prior to the shoot to ensure your skin is not marked by tight fitting clothing and underwear so there are no garment marks.


Clothing and Accessories

I have a dedicated range of corsets, bras, jewelry, pearl necklaces, shoes, pillows, blankets and my favorite prop, an Antique telephone available for you to use during your Boudoir photo shoot.  


Hair and Makeup

I know my strengths and Hair and Makeup are not on this list!  My packages include a professional Hair and Makeup Artist.  You should expect to spend at least 1.5 hrs in make-up. 


Before We Start Photographing

Be prepared,  I will ask a whole bunch of questions and we will talk a lot!  I’ll need to know stuff like if you have a  “best side”,  what do you consider your best asset?

I’ll explain my plan for your shoot based on the information you’ve provided and the accessories and props we plan to use.

I generally start with some cheeky head shots and together we decide on what is next.  Before we are done, I will get shots of you standing, lying on your tummy, on your back, kneeling on the bed and so much more!

Wardrobe Changes

During a 1 hour photo shoot we can do 2 different wardrobes comfortably.  

What Catherines Boudoir Shoots are not                                                                    

My shoots may give the illusion of nudity however I do not offer a Nudes as a service. If this is what you want, Id be happy to recommend reputable photographers that can do a fantastic job for you.