Everyone knows you will never look worse in a photograph than when it is being taken for your driving licence, or possibly your passport.

Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s because you are trying to look serious, maybe it’s because the people behind the cameras just like having a belly laugh.

Luckily however, as a professional Headshot Photographer I guarantee to deliver a much better image.

Catherine Coombs, Head Shot and Personal Branding Photographer Cairns

Professional headshots, or corporate headshots, are becoming increasingly important in business marketing and publicity. A great headshot speaks volumes about you, your personality, and your character, and can be used across a wide range of online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on all marketing or advertising collateral.

So it is imperative that you tick every box when it comes to getting the best professional headshot possible.

Here are a few tips that I have compiled just for you!

Firstly, you need to choose your outfit carefully. It’s not about being formal or informal necessarily, but about wearing clothes that you would choose if you were meeting a new client for the first time. If you are a lawyer, that might mean a suit, or a tailored dress, but if you are an artist, it could be jeans and boots. It is really important that your outfit speaks to your business, and gives some insight into you and what you do.

LinkedIn Headshots with Cairns Photographer Catherine Coombs

Secondly – and this might sound like a no-brainer – but make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. You could have the most awesome image possible, but if your shirt is rumpled, you can bet that is all anyone will notice. A professional headshot is about getting eyes to focus on you – not on your creases.  I have stopped photoshoots to buy new clothes, so I don’t get the call asking to re-shoot.

Book Author Head Shot by Catherine Coombs, Head Shot Photographer Cairns

Next, remember that this is not a photoshoot for Vogue, and you are not trying to be a supermodel. Stick to light makeup. Catherine will make sure she uses the most flattering angles and light to show you off to greatest advantage, so you don’t need to go hard with the foundation and blush. Besides, a great corporate headshot is all about showcasing your personality and energy, not your makeup skills.

Professional Head Shots with Catherine Coombs

Finally, remember your background. If you are working with Catherine, then she will take care of getting the best background (either inside or out) and optimising the lighting, but if you are doing this yourself, then just make sure there isn’t a pole positioned right behind your head, or too much shadow in the frame. The basic rule is to always keep the background simple, and use natural light wherever possible.

Commercial Head Shot Photography Cairns Photographer Catherine Coombs