1. Bring a few different outfits

Ensure they match the persona you want your images to portray. If you’re looking for a formal headshot, that may mean a suit or a tailored dress, but an artist can be more casual or creative in their fashion choices.

2. Make sure your clothes are clean

It sounds obvious, but the camera tells no lies. Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed or steamed.

3. Stick to light and natural makeup

When you meet people who have only ever seen your photo, the biggest compliment you can receive is you look just like your picture.

4. Use a professional make-up artists

If you’re not confident with applying makeup, let me know and I will arrange a professional artist who can take care of that for you.

5. Clean your glasses

If you’re going to wear glasses and intend to keep them on for the shoot, make sure you give them a really good clean.

6. Taking your glasses off

If you wear glasses but don’t want to wear them during the shoot, make sure you take them off at least an hour before the shoot to avoid them leaving marks on the sides of your nose.

7. Avoid sunburn

Avoid getting sunburnt the weekend before your shoot, it happens more than you think!

8. Hair colouring advice

Don’t colour your hair a week before your shoot.

9. Let the music play

Finally, if we are shooting in the studio, bring along your favourite Spotify playlist. Music is great for helping you relax and enabling your personality to really shine through in your photos!