Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. Millions of people are investing in this business. A considerable number of buyers are interested in buying through online browsing experience. A Real Estate videographer can help you rank your business website on google.

When a buyer clicks on your website and does not find any photo or video of the property, he will bounce to other pages. The captivating shots or creative clips of the property ensures new customers. Creative videography adds fuel to your selling rate by appealing the potential buyers. A thrilling short video from the aerial drones of your entire landscape, which includes homes and other buildings, is more than enough to gain customers’ confidence.

Catherine Coombs, professional photoshoot for BWRM Cairns.

Real estate videography is more than just capturing buildings or properties. It is more like an art. A product Photographer in cairns needs to be creative in shooting inanimate objects. Most people think that all the building or real estate videos are similar. Catherine Coombs has proved them wrong with her captivating real estate shots and videos.

Importance Of Real Estate Photography

In the real estate world, where everything depends upon virtual tours, some engrossing property photographs can save a lot of time. Real Estate videography was not considered necessary a few decades back, but now investors and sellers understand its importance. Real estate agents have realised that professional videography is equally important as their company’s marketing strategy.

Catherine Coombs, professional photoshoot for BWRM Cairns.

More than having a beautiful real estate website where you have all the textual information of your housing scheme is required. People believe in virtual proofs more than texts. If you are still trying to get potential customers for your real estate business. Get yourself a professional real estate videographer. I guarantee you will be amazed by the results.

Real Estate Videography Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

Photos are essential, but the actual structure of the house is revealed through videos. A high-quality video shot with perfect angles can capture potential buyers. One can use videography as a powerful marketing tool. More than 50% of buyers want to look at the house’s infrastructure online before visiting the property.

Strong Virtual Aid

We live in an era where people believe the internet more than anything. Every real estate owner must invest in professional videography. Some enthralling videos add a robust virtual experience allowing buyers to imagine themselves in the house.

Detailed View Of Infrastructure

You need to gain the interest of the buyer. A detailed video of the house’s infrastructure can help you do so. Potential buyers always rush to real estate websites where a professional video and photos of the place are attached along with details.

Buyers want to know if the rooms have attached bathrooms. Or the living room is off to the kitchen. Does it also have a gaming room or not? Detailed videos of the house’s infrastructure solve all these problems.

Unique Way Of Property Presentation

Giving the clients a full tour of the house or the commercial area is hectic and time-consuming. The simplest solution for this is getting professional testimonial videos. It is a very unique and profitable way of presenting the property. A professional real estate videography session can boost your sales and engage more potential buyers.

You can also put these creative and captivating shoots on your social media. Virtual tours through videos are the best way to show each angle of the property.

Why Is Real Estate Videography Expensive? 100 words

The location, tools, duration, and videographer’s experience decide the actual costs of real estate videography. It is the art of combining videos and photos. The videographer foresees the results through his imagery eye before capturing the most.

Professional videography is a complex process. It adds new life to the building by setting perfect shots and music in the background. Professional videography demands a lot of tools, such as:

● Aerial drones capture a 360-degree video of the place.

● Gimbals or Stabilizers


● Wide Range Lenses

All these expensive tools make the session more expensive.

Authentic Real Estate Photographer And Videographer In Crains

Real Estate videography is no less than a challenge. It demands a lot of patience and experience. A professional videographer knows how to deal with all the odd situations to give perfect results. Many videographers on the internet claim to be professional. However, it is essential to find an authentic real estate videographer.

Catherine Coombs is one of Cairns, Australia’s best real estate videographers. She can visualise the image before capturing it. She understands that buyers focused attention is a 3D tour. A well-shot panoramic view of the property can grab potential buyers’ attention.

Catherine is an expert in doing so. Every video and image she captures shows perfection in her work. She has shot many photos and videos for real estate groups such as BWRM in Cairns. Her experience and perfectionism made her a professional. Contact Catherine Coombs to get a professional videography session for your real estate.