From time to time (and not nearly as often as I’d like) I volunteer or am approached to be involved in community projects.

Recently I volunteered to help an organiser of the Cairns Pregnancy and Baby Expo who is raffling an antique doll house that has been restored by The Cairns Men’s Shed.

Two members of the Cairns Men’s Shed,  Jim and Mike have spent approximately 6 months working on this restoration project.

Jim and Mike, both painters by trade, painted the doll house internally  and externally.

“This is the first internal paint job I’ve done where I was on the outside of the house,” jokes Mike.

Interior decorating can be added to the list of skills for these men who painted and decorated each room in the doll house.

Jim chose and installed the wall paper and floor coverings for each of the 12 rooms.  He also hand painted the feature stone veranda.

The fire places presented a challenge as “They were just holes in the walls.  I had to design the fireplaces and the stones are pebbles from my garden.” says Mike.

All the furniture was custom made by the men at the Cairns men shed using a laser cutter.

The balustrading and stair case required considerable restoration work.

The Cairns Men’s Shed kindly donated this amazing antique doll house which was raffled at the Cairns Pregnancy and Baby Expo.

The dolls house is exquisite and estimated to be worth $3000.

It was an absolute pleasure being involved in the tail end of this project and meeting everyone that had a hand in bring this project to life.