Product photography is not a style of photography I thought I would ever explore.

The first time I though about it was while I sat in a marketing class and though about how a single image can demonstrate product use, colors and textures or the feelings and emotions evoked from using the product.

It was quite a few years later before I tried it and it was a huge learning curve!

red teacup and saucer with large white spots

While practicing I tried using lighting techniques and equipment I have but don’t use often, like my speed lights, constant lighting set, a light box.

I almost gave up!  With lots of time and trial and error  I was able to get a few shots I was OK with and I decided that product photography wasn’t for me.

Diamond Ring by Catherine Coombs, Cairns Photographer

As I was packing up from practice shoot I noticed that the natural lighting in the dining room was looking pretty good so I dragged my set of tea cups over.  I set up a mini version of what I do for portraits to bounce and direct natural light around my subject and I nailed it!

crystal detail on beaded bracelet

Only after I was able to nail a few shots I decided it was fun and that my biggest problem was I wasn’t being true to my style of photography.

Since I have learned how to balance natural light and artificial light in my work which allows me to create realistic images of products.

Now when I shoot products I actually use them, rather than create a sets to shoot them.  Check out the results and I think you’ll agree my new work is much better.