Food photography that truly tempts the taste buds of your audience.

Salad, fruit, breakfast - Food Photograph

Top-shelf professional chefs are essentially artists who, after all the cooking is done, use creative tools like spoons, squeeze bottles, tweezers and even paint brushes to style their dishes in a very particular, deliciously eye-pleasing way… with love, care and a pedantic attention to detail.

If you want your food photography to look just as scrumptious, call Catherine Coombs.

Standing out is easy

Lights, camera, yum-yum!

Food photography is a fine art, requiring a specialist combination of expertise across the finer intricacies of how cuisines perform in various lights, compositions and arrangements.

Catherine Coombs loves her food and has a passion for capturing it in a frame.

Creating mood with lighting

Framing & composition guru

How your food is arranged and how it fits in the frame are crucial elements of food photography, feeding directly into the success of the final result.

With years of food photography in the bag, Catherine has all the skills you need on a plate.

Highlighing all the right features

Creativity is crucial

Food photography has never been so popular, accessible or competitive, which means you’ll need flawless quality and genuine creativity for your images to cut through to your audience.

Take a creative step forward with your food photography. Call Catherine Coombs.

Gear and skills to match

Top-shelf tools

It doesn’t matter how delicious your dish looks, natural aesthetics are not enough when it comes to top-shelf food photography – you need essential tools of the trade, too.

Tweezers, paper towels, cotton swabs, brushes… Catherine Coombs carries the lot.

Getting the exposure right

Tasty editing

As with many a great recipe, the essential ingredient of successful food photography comes at the end, finessing things like colour balance and shading back in the studio.

To ensure tasty editing to your food photography, talk to Catherine.

Roast and vegetables - Food Photograph Cairns

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