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Head shot of Cairns business man and women
Capturing the perfect head shot photograph is an art form, which involves a lot more than being really good with a camera… you have to be really good with people, too. So, the next time you need professional head shots photography, choose a headshots professional with the right mix of picture and people skills.

Catherine Coombs is one of the best and professional headshot photographer in Cairns. Give her a call.

Standing out is easy

Every effort, on every shot

When it comes to professional headshots photography, half of the hard work happens before the shutter button is clicked, taking the time to properly prepare and get to know everyone.

So when you call Catherine Coombs for your head shots, we’ll save time for a good chat.

Day time and Twighlight options

Helpful advice on attire

A professional headshot photographer is an honest headshot photographer, who gives you straight up advice on what to wear to ensure your image is the best it can be.

Catherine works with you on what’s best to wear to ensure you get a dream result.


Highlighing all the right features

Background & lighting expertise

Even though it’s a close-up with your face front and centre, a professional headshots are just as much about background and lighting as any other professional photograph.

To make sure every single shot gets your good side, call Catherine Coombs.

Gear and skills to match

Finely-tuned people skills

The knack of knowing how to help all types of people relax and enjoy the experience is an incredibly important part of the head shot photography skill-set.

When you’re relaxed and having fun with Catherine, your head shots shine.

Getting the exposure right

Little things & finishing touches

Whether it’s paying attention to a tiny detail in the frame of your headshot, or a few deft finishing touches back at the lab in Cairns, Catherine is devoted to every single frame.

So if you need to make sure your headshot says all the right things, get in touch today.

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