A great social media profile has great images. It’s kind of like cake with cream, or love with marriage – they just go together.

There’s a reason for that. Using high quality images on pages such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest creates interest and attracts attention.

Most importantly, images tell a story about you, your business, and what makes you unique – in other words, they represent your personal brand. One picture can paint the story of that personal brand more effectively than 1,000 words ever can.

Finding images can however, be challenging, especially if you are posting every day or regularly.

There are plenty of online sites with stock photos available for download, either for free or reasonably cheaply, but scratch the surface, and you will often find that the same ones are used repeatedly. If you are in business, you might find that others in the same line of work will feature the same photographs as you on their social media profiles.

When you are trying to stand out from the crowd and show off your unique sense of self, you don’t want to take that chance. What you want are photos that reflect something about you – that are personal and compelling and engaging.



That’s where using a social media photographer such as myself can be hugely beneficial.

I have the skills to build your personal brand specifically for use on social media platforms, and will work with you to build a catalogue of high-quality images which are suitable for your online profiles.

To get the best result however, I get to know you a little first. I want to reflect your personality and passion into the photos, and make sure that they are the best fit for your messaging. In short, I work hard with you to identify your personal brand and make sure that this is captured by the camera.

The photos that you end up with will be perfect for your social media platforms (including newsletters and websites). Not only will your professional headshot be perfectly aligned with your business and your brand, but you will have images that show off products, events, location, stock or promotions.


Videography is also an option!

As social media grows in popularity and use – for professional as well as personal reasons – it will become increasingly important to ensure that the platforms you use are as effective and impactful as possible. Using a social media photographer to nail that brand makes great business sense.