Professional Headshots Photography

Capturing the personality behind the face is one of my passions. By getting to know my clients and finding out more about who they are and what drives them, I am able to direct the shoot and set up shots which truly bring out their best and represent their inner selves.

Professional headshots and portraits

Putting a face to the name.

Corporate headshots ensure your professional identity is reflected wherever your connections find you. Whether you’re presenting at a conference or your profile is found on LinkedIn, I can help capture professional headshots that communicate your personality visually.

Gone are the days where rigid, stern headshots were taken to show authority and uniformity. Today I help my clients relax, so they can show the world their real personality and avoid resorting to photos taken on their mobile phones, which are likely to do more harm than good.

Personal branding photography

Where image is everything.

Usually less formal than a headshot session, personal branding shoots tend to be more organic. Typically, I will start by finding out a bit more about you and the image you are seeking to project. From outfit options to hair and make-up advice, I will work with you to understand your goals and values to ensure that the images I capture perfectly reflect them.

Whether you already have an existing personal brand which you are looking to enhance, or are starting from scratch, contact me to find out how I can help.

Cairns event photography

Capture the moment.

Capturing an event effectively, whether through photography, videography or a combination of the two, is vital. Whether it’s a corporate occasion, a private party or an awards ceremony, you need to ensure your guests remember it long after the evening has ended.

By reliving your event through photos and videos, you will vicariously experience moments that you didn’t realise had happened. If it’s a corporate function, you will also give your business more credibility, cement lasting relationships in your field, and can use your new photos and videos as part of your future marketing activity.

Are you looking for professional headshots? Contact me to find out how I can help.

Preparing for a successful photoshoot.

Each shoot and person I photograph is completely different. Sometimes the personality and character naturally radiates through the camera with little effort, but not everyone likes having their pictures taken. This is where I have developed an approach that ensures that no matter the subject, whether they are having a good or bad day, we shoot pictures they will cherish forever.

Prior to the shoot

The first step is to ensure you and I are on the same page. This is typically achieved through a consultation which helps me understand your brand, values and how the images are going to be used.

For more sophisticated projects, or if a team is involved, I will create a mood-board to help ensure everyone understands what the finished result will look like. This often includes developing a shot list and scouting suitable locations that meet the brief.

Living in Tropical North Queensland, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to locations. Whether that’s at the beach, the esplanade, on a boat, in one of our beautiful creeks or by a waterfall – you name it, I’ve shot it.

When it comes to fashion photography, I work with top local stylists to curate the perfect look for your shoot.

During the shoot

During the shoot, my role is to make sure you are at ease and perfectly positioned to look fantastic. Whether it’s your first time in front of the camera or if you’ve been on shoots many times, we all get a little nervous.

My fun, yet relaxed personality always leads to plenty of laughter during shoots which helps my clients relax and brings out natural expressions rather than a self-conscious or awkward smile. 

A seasoned professional, I also provide direction to help with posing. Whether there are aspects you would like to keep out of the limelight or areas which you really want to show-off, I know all of the tricks of the trade that will make you look awesome!

I believe in sharing what I am capturing with my clients as the shoot unfolds so we can adapt and evolve where necessary.

My top tips for you

As a professional photographer for headshot, it’s my job to make you look amazing, but I can’t do it alone. To help you get the best out of your shoot, I have put together my top tips to ensure we achieve awesome results that reflect your personality:


Bring a few different outfits

Ensure they match the persona you want your images to portray. If you’re looking for a formal headshot, that may mean a suit or a tailored dress, but an artist can be more casual or creative in their fashion choices.

Make sure your clothes are clean

It sounds obvious, but the camera tells no lies. Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed or steamed.

Stick to light and natural makeup

When you meet people who have only ever seen your photo, the biggest compliment you can receive is you look just like your picture.

Use a professional make-up artists

If you’re not confident with applying makeup, let me know and I will arrange a professional artist who can take care of that for you.

Clean your glasses

If you’re going to wear glasses and intend to keep them on for the shoot, make sure you give them a really good clean.

Taking your glasses off

If you wear glasses but don’t want to wear them during the shoot, make sure you take them off at least an hour before the shoot to avoid them leaving marks on the sides of your nose.

Avoid sunburn

Avoid getting sunburnt the weekend before your shoot, it happens more than you think!

Hair colouring advice

Don’t colour your hair a week before your shoot.

Let the music play

Finally, if we are shooting in the studio, bring along your favourite Spotify playlist. Music is great for helping you relax and enabling your personality to really shine through in your photos!
Success Stories

I have worked with some amazing clients over the years and am proud of what I have achieved for them. Read more about what people say about me and if you’d like to leave a review, I would love to hear from you.