The Art of Being a Professional Food Photographer

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Capturing inanimate objects, such as food, is no easy task. It’s all about being creative. A professional food photographer puts all his efforts into bringing out fascinating results. Food and beverages are very difficult subjects to handle. It takes time to cool and melt. Some products often lose their luster with time. That is why it is a collaborative process. 

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Professionals add many details in adjusting the perfect light, background, styling, and presentation. But everything is only useful if the picture is captured with perfect timing. Food photography is mainly commercial photography, which demands a lot of professionalism. That is the biggest reason that only professionals can capture the perfect, detailed shot.

As a professional food photographer, Catherine Coombs understands this art’s delicacies.

Creative Drink/Beverage Photography

Food and beverages look more captivating in pictures, and an expert knows how to make them look so. Capturing drinks is hard because it involves more than just putting the right amount of beverage in a glass. You need to be creative with styling, lighting, and techniques. Each drink has its own texture and color. 

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One can choose from a dozen drinks while capturing, but cocktails are always one of the best options. For instance, drop an ice cube in the glass of a cocktail to create a splashing effect. With the right angle, perfect light, and timing, one can create the captivating look of a cold beverage. You can add some lemon slices and mint leaves to make it more stylish.

How Can Professional Food Photographs Help You Grow Business?

Food is something that connects different people and cultures. Are you a restaurant or cafe owner and need help growing your business? A professional photography session is the solution to all your problems. Remember that people eat with their eyes first. A captivating picture of your food on the menu card will make the dish more interesting.

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Image: Catherine Coombs, professional food photographer

To attract customers, you must advertise your food. If you have a social media page for your outlet, you can capture more customers by posting realistic shots of your food. It will make your work more professional and give your business a boost you never thought of.

Ready To Work With Catherine Coombs On Your Next Culinary Shot?

Catherine Coombs is one of the best food photographers in Cairns, Australia. With a rich experience in culinary shots, she has set a goal to make the audience drool at first sight of your dishes. She knows how to capture pictures based on the personality of your business. She gets excited and loves to capture food shots.

Catherine believes that every food tells a different story. Food is a source for preserving memories. She creates a new style for every image she clicks. There are a lot of images on her website that show her creativity. She has collaborated with many clients. She loves to meet new designers, photographers, and food stylists because she understands that a photographer always needs to evolve. 

She ensures that her clients like the work and that the shots make their mouths water. She can handle all types of food and beverage photography, which is why she is called a professional.