We live in a world where going virtual is a new reality. Therefore, it makes total sense for real estate professionals to embrace virtual reality as well.

Focus attention

Focus the attention of prospective buyers with the help of 3D tours. Virtual reality is the best way to grab attention in a short span of time. Well shot panoramic views of properties are the best previews you can offer a potential buyer . 

Give prospective buyers the chance of a detailed preview of the property they are interested in. Virtual tours give buyers the luxury of lingering at a spot they like in a house or revisiting the place as many times as they want to.

Buyers also get the chance to view the property in all kinds of light. The play of light brings out the best features of the property.

Save on time and effort

Setting up virtual tours on your webpage is not as tough or complicated as it looks. Just hire a professional photographer, and sit back and relax, while they do their thing.

Check out a virtual tour by Catherine to know more about her work.

Virtual tours on your webpage are like permanent open houses, no scheduling, and no cancellation of proposed house tours. You could determine which buyer is actually interested in the property if they approach you after viewing the virtual reality tour.

Save yourself the time and effort of planning and scheduling open houses by simply hosting a beautifully captured virtual tour on your webpage.

Sense of ownership

Prospective buyers get an enhanced sense of ownership when they view the property from the familiar confines of their living space. They get the luxury of lingering over a favorite spot rather than a hurried real-time tour.

Buyers tend to visualise themselves better, in a virtual 3D tour, rather than in a few two-dimensional photos. links to embedded photos and videos along with the virtual tours make it more informative and the inclusion of voice overs adds human-like interactions.

Versatile nature

Buyers get the option of virtually customising features of the property to better suit their tastes. This gives them an idea on how to remodel or decorate the property once they buy it.

Virtual tours are also a great way of remotely getting hold of a prospective buyer to come on board.

Not only real estate agents, but owners of other businesses like child care centres, living facilities and theme parks can use the services of Catherine to set up interactive virtual tours for their customers.

Why a professional photographer?

Virtual Reality is everywhere, and it is pretty easy for anybody with the right equipment to set up virtual tours on their webpage but getting a professional photographer on board will give you a much better experience and outcome.

A professional photographer is good at shooting photos at favourable angles and hence makes everything look better. They have access to professional editing and lighting techniques to make the final outcome perfect. 

Customising your virtual tours according to the buyer’s preferences is also possible with the services of a professional photographer. 

So people of Cairns, get ready to explore and tour the lovely locales of your neighbourhood from the comfort of your couch! 

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