Food and drink photography

We all love food but capturing beautiful pictures and videos of tasty dishes isn’t as simple as you may think. With numerous tricks of the trade up my sleeve, my aim is to make your audience eat with their eyes and salivate at the very sight of your dishes.

Bringing your menu to life.

So good you can taste it.

Whether it’s decadent or simple fare, good photography can be the difference between a customer deciding to purchase from you, or your competitors.

More than just taking great photos, I will also ensure that I capture the personality of your business so that the images and expectation of your target audience, match their actual experience.

Café and Restaurant shoots

Where image is everything.

Entice people to come and dine in your restaurant or stop by your café for lunch with captivating shots of customers enjoying dishes from your menu. If you’re promoting your business on social media or through other advertising, you need great imagery to ensure people stop and take notice.

Choice of locations.

In situ, in the studio or on the move.

Depending on the brief, you may choose to have your food or drinks photographed in your restaurant or café. Equally, you may wish to have your menu shot either at my permanent studio, or in my portable studio which I can bring to you.

Not sure what you need? I can discuss options for you to ensure your products jump out of the screen or off the page.

Are you looking for food and drink photography? Contact me to find out how I can help.

The key to mouth-watering photography

Lighting is key to capturing great shots. Using a mix of back lighting and reflectors, I can adapt the to provide a different effect, from light and airy to dark and moody.

Staging food always requires expert attention, from determining the right depth of field, to highlighting a single feature on a plate and ensuring that everything is correct set to avoid spoiling an otherwise perfect photograph.

When people visit a restaurant after seeing my photos, I want them to feel some familiarity, so I will use the clients’ cutlery, cups and menus as well as other items. I do however, have a range of plates, platters, cutlery, cups and cloths and can bring my box of goodies if required.

Food photography - tricks of the trade

Photographing freshly prepared food is my preference as the longer it has been resting, the more likely the salad will flop, or the soup will grow skin. Partially cooked meats are great as they appear juicy and plump which allows me time to photograph the meal. If it’s cooked perfectly, it can look dry and unappealing.

Whilst there are numerous ways in which food can be artificially adjusted for the purpose of photography, my goal is to  capture it in edible form in order to maintain authenticity – what you see, is what your customers will actually get.

Naturally, the set needs to be clean and dust free with plates, utensils and cutlery beautifully polished so every element of scene is perfect.

Success Stories

I have worked with some amazing clients over the years and am proud of what I have achieved for them. Read more about what people say about me and if you’d like to leave a review, I would love to hear from you.