My Story


Catherine Coombs

Hi, I am Catherine – wife, mother and professional photographer.

I moved to Cairns in 1988 and met my husband at the age of 14. We are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters and through hard work and drive, I am fortunate to have built a successful career in photography, my second love after my family.

My passion for photography began at a young age when I was handed a Kodak 110mm camera to take a photo of my mum. I never gave it back. This obsession continued throughout high school when my photography teacher, Bill Spooner gave me my first proper lesson. My husband gave me my first SLR in 1995 and I still have it today!

My passion

Having your photograph taken can be a nerve-wracking time for many people but having worked in the industry for a long time, I am quickly able to put my clients at ease until the stress leaves their body and I see them relax – it’s then that I am able to really capture their personalities and achieve amazing results.

I love the reaction to my photos when clients see them for the first time. People have often been reduced to tears of happiness and surprise when they see how wonderful they look. Being able to lift someone’s confidence and go beyond their expectations is always my aim and is what fuels my passion for photography.

My purpose

My goal is to show beauty in life through visual statements which make people stop and take notice. I see the world differently to others and choose to focus on details, which is why I love the results a shallow depth of field can produce. I consider myself to be a visual storyteller and help people share their personalities and preserve moments in time.

With a background in marketing, I take pride in producing a final product which changes the way business owners present themselves to their audience, whilst still preserving an accurate representation of their product or service.

I prefer not to rush what I do and like to consider additional possibilities and scenarios as the shoot unfolds. By taking the time to step back, I am able to see things from another perspective and capture images which have presented themselves organically.

Most of us have hundreds if not thousands of images on our phones but we rarely share them because most are considered to be average. It’s not just the end result that’s important to me however – I love sharing my craft and the entire process from start to finish, creating special moments and making new memories for the people I work with.

Whether I am documenting everyday life, special events or capturing images for marketing purposes, I pride myself on being able to make genuine connections along the way.

Professional photography and videography

As you’d expect, I use a range of professional equipment and tools to get the best out of every assignment. Armed with five cameras and eight lenses, I ensure I shoot the subject perfectly.

I aim to get the shot in-camera to avoid the need for over editing. That being said, I use a range of tools to remove blemishes, shadows and other imperfections.